Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nine Month Follow-Up

My visit with the surgeon went a lot better than I feared. From my initial weigh-in, I'm now down 75 pounds and he fully expects me to be down a full 100 by my 1-year visit. I agree. It just wouldn't be me if I didn't crunch the numbers so... I have 25 pounds before I'm at 100 pounds gone and I have 69 before I'm at goal. I need to banish an average of 2 pounds/week between now and my next visit to hit the 100 pounds gone milestone, and 5 pounds/week to hit goal. If my body starts cooperating and I have a couple of wooshes, then goal is not entirely out of the question. So, that's what I'm shooting for. My current goal is to be 150 pounds by my visit on December 22, 2011. I won't be upset if I don't get there, but I figure that I'll shoot for the larger goal and be tickled magenta if I hit the smaller goal. ;-)

The nurse who checked me in today had the VSG done about two years ago and she told me that she had a loooooong plateu around the 9-month mark where she didn't lose anything for three months. Yeah, that sounds about right. But she was encouraging because she said that she suddenly dropped about twenty pounds in two weeks. So I'm not losing hope. I'm going to cling to my program with teeth and toenails if I have to now that I'm back on it and I WILL have a couple of wooshes, darn it.

Dr. C said that my labs look good except my cholesterol/triglycerides/LDL are still high, even with the meds. :-( So, I'm going to check in with my Internist in the next month or so and see what path we want to take now. I'm going to look into ways to combine oatmeal and some protein-rich substance at breakfast so I can start getting some soluble fiber in. Maybe that will help. I seem to remember Quaker having a high protein oatmeal. Maybe I just dreamt that, though. I do that sometimes. The plus side to my labs looking good is that I can stay with the cheaper vitamins. He recommended trying a prenatal vitamin and adding an extra B-12. I'll look and see what I can find.

All in all, a good visit... except for the part where I had my body scan and ended up leaving my keys and bracelet in the tray. *sigh* The husband is going to go by after work and grab my keys for me. Goober, thy name is me.

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Lisa said...

Glad your doing well. I have heard of other people hitting a long dry spell at around 9 months but all said it passed.