Friday, January 07, 2005

Well, I just figured out why.

One of the reasons this is a good site to blog on is that it is a bit difficult for anyone to find out this blog even exists. You have to advertise that you are here in order to get traffic to your blog. I'm okay with that. A little anonymity goes a long way for me. If someone knows I'm here and they want to come comment, I suppose that is okay. But, I'm not posting for the sheer delight of collecting comments. I post because I usually have something to say, even if it's nothing more exciting than I am glad it's Friday. So, there you go.

Why? Cuz I could...

I am not really entirely sure why I'm creating a new blog... I guess it's cuz I could. I may even completely forget that it's here and never post to it, but... I do have a blog somewhere else, but I guess I needed a change of atmosphere.... We'll see what happens.