Friday, April 23, 2010

Well, this should prove interesting...

Yesterday, I got the usual bulletin that the State Insurance sends out to all employees who subscribe to their insurance. It turns out that our insurance will change in January, and that we'll have to choose another insurance during open enrollment this year. :-( So, I'm -really- hoping that I can get my surgery approved before the end of the year. I'm going to work my tail end off to make sure that I do everything I need to do to ensure that it happens. Thankfully, my appointment is next month, which still leaves 7 months until the end of the year. I -hope- that some of the nurse practitioner-led nutrition classes will count towards my six months, which it might only if the requirement isn't six -consecutive- months, which I fear it may be. Of course, IDK if my insurance requires six months of medically supervised diet or not. I expect I will find that out on 05/13. Gosh, this is cutting it close, but... Since Divine hands have seemed to be guiding the process thus far, I can only hope that it continues to get me thru and approved and sleeved by the end of the year. Prayers are gratefully accepted towards that end.

In the news of the AWESOME, I found out yesterday that I got accepted into my graduate program. So life is, once again, full of equal parts awesome and WTF? :-)

ETA: I did some trolling on the interwebs to see if I could find the current policy regarding WLS requirements. The one I found was from 10/2009, so I expect that's the current one unless there's a new one coming out soon. Anyway, it says they require 6 months, but it does NOT say six consecutive months, nor does it say what sort of time frame I had to have done this in. So, I'm hoping all is well. Keep praying, though. There's no such thing as too many prayers.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where do I go from here....

I may lose some readers over this, but that's OK.

After nearly 20 years of diet after diet after diet and having limited, temporary success, I've decided to look into bariatric surgery. I've been researching it for about three years now, but have only just broached the subject with my Internist. After a lot of tears and a lot of talking, he says that he's in favor of it because I've tried to lose weight with less drastic means and have had the aforementioned limited, temporary success and have so many co-morbidities as to not be funny. So, he recommended a couple of bariatric centers in the area and told me which of them he's had better reports about from his patients. After much research and meditation, I picked The Foothills Weight Loss Center in Maryville, TN. On Saturday, I attended the mandatory informational lecture and have scheduled my appointment to meet with the surgeon for my initial consultation. I've already contacted my insurance company and they have told me that, so long as the surgery is pre-approved and so long as I use an in-network provider (which the surgeon I've picked is), my coverage is 100%.

The major problem I see right now is that we only have 1 vehicle between us and DH's schedule is so erratic that trying to schedule appointments around it may prove interesting. Unfortunately, trying to buy a car AND save up for the program fees at the same time is nigh impossible. I am praying that a way will be shown to do both because us having a 2nd car is becoming less of a want and more of a need, which sucks because I hate to drive. I feel Divine hands assisting with my progress towards surgery, so maybe They will assist in us finding an affordable, reliable, economical vehicle that is mechanically sound. As long as the bad looks don't affect the structure of the vehicle, I don't even particularly care what it looks like.

Anyway... so the majority of my posts will become talking about my path to surgery and my life thereafter. I hope you stick around, but understand if you feel the need to quit reading. Unsupportive comments will be summarily deleted.