Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Up & at 'em!

I've been a bit lackadaisical regarding hitting WW back full-steam. I'm not sure why. I guess I'm sort of afraid that I will get going well and then have us hit some sort of financial burp where we can only afford to eat ramen noodles or something. Yeah, I know... get over it already. Still, I've been making the effort to record what I'm eating, including the Points value, so that I can have some idea of where I am. If I can get a bit more in the way of fiber and protein so I'll be full longer, I might actually be OK. I also had DH get me some LF popcorn at the supermarket to use as my snack. It's low in Points and pretty filling. Mostly, I think I just need to get back in touch with my body and only eat when I'm actually -hungry-. A lot of my snacking lately has been out of boredom. I -am- craving sweets a lot, so I expect that TOM is stalking me. Being on the new pill makes predicting when it's coming a bit difficult. I've been keeping track of the 1st day because my doctors' offices always want to know. In addition, I've been counting the days between 1st days, and it has been varying widely. So, I dunno. I know that, if I'm able to get some of the weight back off, my doc will switch me back to the combo pill rather than keeping me on the mini-pill, so that's an incentive right there. My yearly visit comes in April, so I'm hoping to be down about 40# by then, if not a bit more. But I'll really need to work the program if I have any hopes of being that successful. I may need to adjust my WI day so that I'm not so lax on the weekends. I dunno. I'll ponder that. I'm thinking of arbitrarily setting it to Wednesdays again. I seemed to have a LOT better luck when I did that. I also need to be better about recording my food on the weekends. I don't know why I'm not as good then, but I'm not. Since I'm an online subscriber, I'm thinking of getting an iPod Touch. There's a free WW app for iPod/iPhone that let's you do WW Online via your iPod (if you are near WiFi). I've been wanting an iPod for several years, and this seems like as good a reason as any. :-) I'd pondered a Blackberry but it's an extra data fee per month on my cell bill. Yes, that makes the access a bit more reliable, but...

Anyway, I actually walked about 20 minutes yesterday rather than waiting on the bus. If I'm going to walk regularly, I need to make sure I'm not stuffing my satchel quite so full so that it's heavy, but I did OK. My hip wasn't what I could even optimistically call "happy", but it'll get happier as I continue to walk. DH & I are working on clearing all the clutter out of the living room so I'll have room to do Yoga. I'm also considering taking the Yoga class they offer at the Y. I'll just have to find out when it is. I am also thinking that walking in the pool would be a good idea for a while. That way I can walk longer than my hip would allow me to on solid ground. Plus, the water's warm, so it would feel good on my joints.

So, there I am. I just need to quit half-a$$ing this and get 'er done. :-) I'm determined to be one of those people who says that they are in better shape in their late 30's and early 40's than they were in their teens and 20's. Darn it.