Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Scale Hates Me...

...But that's okay. I hate it back. *sigh*

Normally, I'm not so downhearted regarding the number on the scale. I've come a LONG way in that regard. But I have my 9-month follow-up with my surgeon in the morning and I'm concerned that he'll not be very happy with my progress. I kind of hope that my scale is broken, but I doubt it. And, if it is, with my luck it's weighing me light.

My frustration comes from the fact that I've been walking and not just strolling. I've been really walking briskly. And I've been doing it every day. I know I need to add resistance in there, but I'm trying to make sure cardio is a habit again first. I've been drinking my water, I've seriously curtailed my caffeine intake, I'm getting my protein... And the scale seems like it's stuck. I'm really hoping that my surgeon will be open to making suggestions rather than just yelling at me (in so much as he would actually -yell-). My clothes are fitting more and more loosely and I'm feeling lighter and people keep commenting on how I look like I'm still losing. So why in nine kinds of truly horrific hell is the scale taunting me?!?

I have to wonder if it's something as simple as my vitamins. I tried an experiment to see if the vitamins I could get for about a third of the price of the Building Blocks vitamins would be enough for my nutritional needs. Now I have to wonder if I'm simply not giving my body what it needs so it's not giving me what I need. I.e. weight banishing. I had blood drawn last week and I'm sure it will tell me one way or the other and if my blood levels are not where they are supposed to be, I will bite the bullet and order the Building Block vitamins and switch back. This is not based on anything scientific but anecdotal research tells me that, when I was taking the Building Blocks, I was banishing at a pretty steady clip. When I started taking the One-A-Day + B-complex + Calcium combo, I stopped banishing and I stopped having the serious amounts of energy that I had before. I'll see what my lab work says, but I am thinking of trying my own experiment and going back on the BB vitamins and see what that does. I'll have to check my cash situation but it might allow me to get a month's worth at the surgeon's tomorrow then I can order online after that. A 3-month supply is cheaper, even with shipping, than it is to buy monthly at my surgeon's office.

All I know is that -something- is standing in my way right now. For a couple of months, it was -me- standing in my way because I wasn't exercising and/or eating exactly well. But I'm doing both now and it's not had much of an effect. Maybe I need to go back to keeping a food log. That way I can have a black and white picture of what I'm eating/drinking so I can crunch the numbers. That might be helpful. I also need to get back into the habit of bringing my food from home rather than making sacrifices to the cafeteria gods in hopes that there is something that I can eat. Time to come up with a menu and get to the supermarket.

So, yeah. The scale hates me but it's motivating me to try to fix the problem rather than giving in and eating candy corn by the handful which is what I would have done this time last year.

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