Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Long-Ass Semester

I'm a bit depressed. I look at my ticker and see that it hasn't moved AT ALL since my 9-month visit. But it's my own fault. I've not been as on-task as I should be regarding my program. School is eating my head and that's a reason, but not an excuse. There really are no excuses. I don't really feel like pontificating about my failures right now. I just thought I'd swing by and let anyone who still actually reads this blog know that I'm not dead.

My clothes are still getting bigger and I'm still getting the "how much more have you lost" comments, so I guess my body composition is changing. Still, it's highly unlikely that I'll be at goal by December 22nd. Hell, right now I'd be thrilled with being down 100 pounds. Okay, I'd be thrilled with the scale moving in the proper direction again. It's up to me to do that, so...

My semester is over on December 7th. I'm going to get in as much exercise as I can in a completely unorganized fashion until then. After that, I'm going to spend as much time in the gym as I can Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (I still work Thursday evenings until December 15). Maybe kicking my own ass in the gym and re-committing to my eating plan will show some actual results.

I did survive my first post-op Thanksgiving. You'd think I'd be used to how little I can actually eat these days, but... Anyway, I'm alive, I'm mad at myself, and I'm moving on. Hope all are well.