Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Starting a walking program

Well, the hubby and I decided that we needed to start exercising. A lot of things went into this decision, but suffice it to say, we need to. Anyway, he called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go to the mall and walk and I told him that I wanted to come home and drop off my book bag first, because I didn't want to schlepp it around the mall. So, I did. We needed to also go get cat food so we knew we were going to end up at the grocery store. Well, I suggested that we start walking that direction and that we could always stop at one of the bus stops along the way if we started to get tired or whatnot. He thought that was a fine idea, so we headed out. We ended up walking the entire 2.5-ish miles to the Kroger, and it only took us about 45-50 minutes. I'm pretty impressed with us. This included stopping a couple of times along the way for stop lights and to take a drink of water. So, I really think that was good. I don't want to do a walk like that everyday right now, but it's good to know that we can. It'll also help us to know that there's a destination approximately 2.5 miles from us, so that we can use it to judge how we're doing in our 5K (3.1 mile) "training" since he wants to walk the Race for the Cure with us this year. I'm not sure if there is a built-in destination that is 3-ish miles or not, but we'll see if we can find one. (Maybe the Downtown Market and Brewery place?)

Because we did a "long" day yesterday, I'm going to suggest we do a "short" (~30 min or a much easier walk) day today... maybe @ the mall or something. I also want to get us doing some sort of resistance work 2-3X/week and flexibility every day. My flexibility isn't great and I think that his is worse. So... Also, to keep my knee from waving the white flag, I've got to start doing my PT exercises every day, too. They don't take long, I just have to do them. I can even do them @ work, so I really have no excuse. :-)

Now, if we can just get hubby a job that lasts longer than a couple of weeks so we can afford "real" food, we might just get ourselves healthy. This is a good thing.