Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sorry I *bampfed* Guys

Life has been full of special specialness the last couple of weeks while the semester clanked to its finish. I've gotten one grade back, the grade for my Resources and Services for Young Adults class. My Prof told me that I received the 2nd highest average in the class. Woot! So, I know I have an A there. I've completed the web modules (story there in a mo') and the grade I received on the last assignment -should- have me in A territory in my Public Library Management class, but I'm waiting on the official grade report. If it's not an A, I won't have missed it by much. Now I have almost a month before my summer term starts.

Now, the story. Apparently, I am the Queen of All Web Modules. Or, at least, those in my class. ;-) Yesterday our web modules were due for IS 554 and I received two separate calls asking me to help figure out how to load their modules. I guess we all have to be good at something. Thankfully, I've had experience with web authoring so FTP isn't any big deal to me. I guess I didn't think about how it would be difficult for people who've never done it before - especially when the directions are missing a couple of steps. I hate it when documentation is behind. ;-) Still, I hope that I was helpful and that the folks who called me were able to get everything posted the way they hoped. I don't think they read this blog, but if they do: CALL ME EARLIER NEXT TIME. :-)

I had another mad dash morning. :-( I don't know why the bus runs on time or late when I am patiently waiting at the stop but early when I'm running late. That blasted Murphy! So, my bus ran early and the trolley ran late. *shrug* Thankfully I still made the van, only because the driver took pity on me and pulled over as I was jogging towards him. I tried to call to let the dispatcher know I was running late, but apparently there was only one person in the office answering calls AND manning the radio (poor planning? Of course.) so I wasn't able to get through. Oh, well. I made it to work.

I saw some friends this weekend and was gifted with an awesome black brocade corset. It does not fit at the moment, but we are all hopeful that it will by the next time I see them in late June, especially since my surgeon is wanting me to be under 200 by 06/30. I've had issues getting all my fluid/protein the past couple of weeks so my weight was up a smidge this week. I've left the tickers alone because I know it was a fluke and I've been pushing fluid and protein along with my exercise this week. I'm determined to be both under 200 and able to wear my corset by the end of June. :-)

Gym tonight if the pesky headache I've had for two days doesn't turn into a migraine. Wish me luck since it's been a LONG time since I've lifted weights. I'm going WF for the summer. I'll have to revisit my schedule in the Fall when I have class on W/F, but this will get me in the habit, I hope.