Friday, December 05, 2008

One minor problem with Low-carb

Well, I discovered that low-carb weight loss does have its downside: muscle cramps. I vaguely remember having them the last time I did really low carb and I know that they pass, but it was still annoying to have cramps last night when I didn't get home 'til after midnight and had to be back up at 6:30AM to come to work. *shrug* I remember the cramps not being so bad on the South Beach Diet, so that may be where I head after Christmas. I'm only doing the really low until Christmas to jump start the weight loss. I'm hoping, if this week is any indication, to have about 20 pounds off by then. Yes, I'm aware that's FAST, but I am also aware that right now a lot of it is fluid and that I'll be adding carbohydrates back in slow increments to slow it down to a healthier 2-ish pounds/week. I'll need the carbs for when I start exercising. For now, heavy house cleaning is my exercise. But, the house definitely needs it, so, win-win.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Going well, I think

I'm actually doing quite well with the low carb. I'm detoxing, so I've got a bit of a headache, but it'll pass soon. I'm glad I already gave myself the deadline of Christmas so that I have something definite to look forward to. What my results are by then will determine if I stay relatively low-carb (stay away from starchy veggies & rice, but add fruit and liquid milk back in) or if I feel comfortable enough to switch back to WW Flex. I'm honestly thinking that I want to stay relatively low carb until after my yearly Ob/Gyn exam in March so that I can get somewhere close to what I weighed when I was there last. I've only got about 30# to do that, so it will really depend on my results over the next 3 weeks or so. Since Monday AM, I've gone from 275.2 to 272.6, so I'd say that I'll have decent results. I know that a lot of what I'm carrying around is excess fluid because carbs make me retain fluid like sodium does to other people.

Anyway, that's the news that's fit to print right now. I'm still not up to exercising, but I'm really hoping my body will cooperate and be up to it in January. *crosses fingers*

Monday, December 01, 2008

December Decisions

Since I'm not able to exercise a whole lot, I've decided to do a semi-low-carb diet until Christmas. No, it's not the healthiest program for the long term but it will help me to detox from the sugar I've been pretty much mainlining. :-) It will also kick start my weight loss again so that I can switch back to WW after Christmas and feel better about it.

Hopefully by then, I'll be cleared to go back to exercising, at least a bit. It's driving me crazy. Again, who would notice. :-)