Thursday, June 15, 2006

Damn, it's been a while...

It's been a significant time since I last wrote anything here. In the interim, I have gone on and off South Beach. While I was on it, and exercising regularly, I lost almost 20#. Now, almost all of it is back. Dammit. So, empirically, I've figured out that South Beach -does- work for me. Now, I just need to get my still-too-ample ass back on the plan. Part of the reason for straying is that it's kinda expensive to eat that way. Especially if I get the SBD meals for lunch, which I really need to do. They're actually cheaper than eating in the cafeteria, but I can charge my lunches in the cafeteria... So, basically, I need to decide on some cheap, SBD-friendly foods and just get over the "I'm tired of xyz" and just eat it. I need to find a bunch of different ways to cook eggs and chicken, since they are more inexpensive sources of protein. If doing something other than the SBD meals for lunch would put it more in our budget for me to stick to the diet, then I'll figure something out. All I know is that this is the only program that has had any sort of degree of success. I know that I need to get back on it, and stay there for the long term.

Until I'm able to get back on it fully, I'm going to work on cutting out obvious sources of sugar. I know that my soda consumption is a big part of why I've put back on some weight as is my eating of cookies, candy, &c. So, I won't be so picky with myself about anything but the sugar for right now.

In addition to trying to curb the sugar beast, I really need to start exercising again. I was doing really well at walking on my AM & PM breaks then weightlifting 2X/week and walking home from hubby's work in the evening. Right now it's so blasted hot, that I've not been walking during the day. I guess I could do it in the McWherter Bldg where it's air conditioned... My back and hip were hurting to the point where walking to the bus was a pain, literally, in the ass. I think that's mostly taken care of. So, I'll start doing my AM/PM walks in the AC. Ppl may look at me funny, but that's okay. It's just for 10-15 minutes 2x/day. We're back to walking home after hubby gets off work, so that's good. Also, the pool has finally opened, so we really need to get our asses in that pool as many times per week as we can until September, when it'll close again.

At least the exercise regimen paid off in that I didn't completely fall down and go boom @ Beltaine. :-)

So, back at it. Dammit.